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Special Payroll Processing Deadlines

Dear Colleagues:

We write to share the 2021-2022 Special Payroll processing deadlines and reminders about processing Special Payroll hire requests in PageUp.

Special Payroll Processing Deadlines
Due to the high volume of Special Payroll hire requests preceding academic semesters and intersessions, HR and Payroll provide processing deadline dates for PageUp and SmartHR. Special Payroll hire requests must be approved by HR in PageUp before departments may submit a SmartHR transaction, and it may take up to 4-6 weeks for a Special Payroll hire request to receive all required approvals. While HR and Payroll will make every effort to process in a timely manner, late submissions risk a delayed first paycheck for the employee. In addition, late submissions pose risk to the University if any employee begins working without a completed I-9 on file. Lastly, in compliance with state regulations, eligible employees (i.e., Adjunct Faculty) must make an irrevocable retirement election by the end of their first day of employment.

The tables outlining the 2021-2022 processing deadlines are available on the Special Payroll Information website. Please note that the PageUp submission deadlines for faculty during Winter and Summer Sessions are only applicable to 11-month Faculty, as these requests must be processed through PageUp. 9-month and 10-month Faculty appointments are submitted directly in SmartHR and do not require submission in PageUp.

10 Business Days
To ensure that employees complete all necessary tasks and are compliant with all terms and conditions of employment prior to their start date, the request to hire on Special Payroll must receive final approval from HR ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled start date. If the start date of the appointment is less than 10 business days from HR approval, HR will either update the request directly or return the request to the hiring department to make necessary changes and resubmit through the approval workflow. Requiring 10 business days provides adequate time for candidates to complete or comply with:

Monitoring Hire Requests
We encourage departments to monitor hire requests once approved by HR to ensure timely acceptance of offers and adequate time for the candidates to comply and complete the requirements listed above. When HR approves a hire request, please extend the online offer by updating the status in PageUp to “Make Online Offer” as soon as possible. Once extended, departments should continue to monitor when the candidate accepts an offer. Departments who do not extend the online offer and candidates who do not accept their offer in a timely manner risk not completing all terms and conditions of employment prior to the start date, which may require HR to revise the start date to a later date.

We appreciate your attention to these details in the Special Payroll hiring process, and we look forward to ensuring a smooth process for the upcoming year.

Please reach out to the Special Payroll team ( with questions.


Heather Souer and Hannah Traynor

Reminder: Review HR SPAR Changes in PageUp (From HR)

Dear Colleagues,

We write to share a reminder about reviewing HR comments before making a final Special Payroll offer in PageUp.

As HR reserves the right to revise requests in PageUp to ensure compliance with University policy and state and federal laws and regulations, including adjusting the start date of an appointment that is less than 10 days from the HR approval date, departments should always review post-approval HR comments and revisions to remain aware of changes. Departments will see a sentence in the PageUp-generated Approved Offer communication, for a further reminder: “REMINDER: HR recommends that hiring departments review the offer letter and any comments in the hire request before updating the applicant’s status to Make Online Offer.

Additional Reminders

  • For guidance on submitting Special Payroll requests in PageUp, refer to the combined Technical and Functional Guide.
  • Summer Session and Fall Dates and Deadlines have been posted to the Special Payroll Information webpage.
    • Please note, 9-month and 10-month faculty summer appointments should be submitted directly into SmartHR.

For questions, please review the “Who To Contact” section on the Special Payroll Information Page.

Thank you,
Human Resources

January/February Virtual PageUp Training Sessions (From HR)

Dear Colleagues:

HR will hold virtual PageUp training sessions in January and February. These sessions will be helpful for new users and existing users looking for a refresher course. The trainings are similar to what HR offered during go-live. Sessions will focus on either Regular or Special Payroll. Please share the availability of these sessions with appropriate colleagues.

For employees interested in taking both sessions, we recommend taking the Regular Payroll session first.

Dates and Times:

The sessions are limited to 25 participants, but HR intends to offer these sessions again in the future.

Please contact with questions.

Special Payroll Updates (From HR)

Dear Colleagues,

We write with several updates about Special Payroll.

First, University Compliance has updated the Conflict of Interest form. The updated form is available on the HR website and within PageUp. Please clear your cache in your browser (Chrome recommended) to ensure that the new form appears within PageUp.

Second, as a reminder, departments should submit all special payroll requests 4-6 weeks prior to the appointment’s scheduled start date to ensure that the employee is approved to work and is able to be paid on time. For quicker processing, please check for flags on the applicant card and include, if applicable, Dual Employment and Conflict of Interest forms upon initial submission.

Third, Payroll updated the Graduate Calculator for AY 2020-2021. Please use this calculator for overload appointments and 2021 summer and intersession appointments.

Finally, effective September 1, 2020, the minimum wage in the state of Connecticut is $12.00 per hour.

Please direct questions to


Thank you,
Human Resources

Updated Link: Rehiring Employees: Training Sessions (PageUp)


An updated Learning@Work link has been provided (see here or below).

Thank you.


From: HR – Communications
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 11:40 AM
Subject: Rehiring Employees: Training Sessions

Dear Colleagues,

As University departments begin rehiring special payroll employees for the first time through PageUp, HR will host training sessions on:

  • Friday, June 12th from 9-10am.
  • Monday, June 15th from 2-3pm.
  • Wednesday, June 17th from 10-11am.
  • Friday, June 18th from 2-3 pm.

The training session will outline how to rehire special payroll employees, promoting a smoother process for departments and processors. We encourage all users who will be rehiring employees via PageUp to attend a training session, as we believe it will provide pertinent clarifications.

Please visit Learning@Work to sign up for the virtual session. To view all classes, select find more classes at the bottom of the page.  HR will send the WebEx information the day before your session.


Thank you,
Human Resources

SPAR Updates and Adjunct Rates (From HR)

Dear Colleagues,

We write to share several Special Payroll updates.

Cancelling and Updating Special Payroll Hire Requests

Human Resources has developed workflows to help departments navigate updating or cancelling Special Payroll hire requests.  For example, departments may need to update a hire request when the submitted request has an incorrect end date or compensation amount. Workflows to update or cancel hire requests are available on the PageUp Help Documents website.

Duplicative Hires from the Same Search
It is important to remember that only a single hire request can be submitted for a candidate within the same search at once.  Departments should move a candidate’s status from “Hired” to “New Request” once the first hire is complete to start the next hire request. Here is an illustrative example: A department wants to hire John Smith as an Instructional Specialist and an Academic Technician. First, submit the request to hire John as the Instructional Specialist. Then, when John’s status has returned to “Hired,” update John’s status to “New Request,” and then create a new request to hire John as the Academic Technician.

Fall 2020 Adjunct Rates
Fall 2020 adjunct rates are now available on the HR website and below. Hire requests for Fall 2020 adjuncts should be submitted in PageUp by May 29th.

Effective August 23, 2020, per AAUP Contract article 19.7, there is a new Adjunct Faculty per credit minimum rate, $1,732 per credit. For adjuncts with more than two academic years of continuous employment, the minimum remuneration shall be a 2% increase.

Credits Stipend (Minimum) 2% Increase (Minimum)
1 $1,732.00 $1,766.64
2 $3,464.00 $3,533.28
3 $5,196.00 $5,299.92
4 $6,928.00 $7,066.56

Help Desk Support

Questions regarding Special Payroll should be directed to Questions regarding PageUp processing should be directed to


From: Special Payroll Information <SPECIAL_PAYROLL-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU> On Behalf Of HR – Communications
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2020 8:18 AM
Subject: SPAR Updates and Adjunct Rates

Adjunct Processing in PageUp (From HR)

Dear Colleagues,

In December, the University transitioned to a new recruitment and onboarding system, PageUp. PageUp is the University’s system of record for recruitment, and it’s cloud-based functionality allows the University to generate digital offer letters.

As part of this transition, all new and recurring hires, including those on special payroll, require processing through PageUp. As such, all adjunct faculty must submit an up-to-date resume through PageUp to ensure appropriate integration into the new system and no break in service (adjunct faculty who teach for more than one department will need to submit a resume for each department). After successfully submitting a resume in PageUp, Human Resources will have the appropriate records to issue future offer letters without additional action from adjunct faculty. Periodically, Human Resources may require adjuncts to submit up-to-date resumes.
Human Resources will rely on academic departments to contact adjuncts directly with instructions on submitting resumes in PageUp.
Please contact with questions.

Thank you,
Human Resources