Month: October 2022

November 2022 Newsletter

November 2022 Newsletter 

 Fiscal Reminders: 

  • Budget Construction (BC)  
    • BC will not occur in FY24 and likely moving forward 
    • The Business Office will manage the FY24 budget load as done in past fiscal years 
  • Spring Payroll Pre-Encumbrance  
    • Similar to the Fall Grad pre-encumbrance load, the B.O. will be pre-encumbering PA that cross into the 2023 calendar year for the following payroll types: 
      • Adjunct on 2Ls 
      • Grads – all accounts 
      • Post-doc – grant accounts 
      • Special Payroll and regular payroll on grant accounts that crosses fiscal years 
  • Federal Accounts (Smith Lever, SAES Capacity) – REMINDER from previous months 
    • FY22 Accounts  
      • will remain open through 11/30/22 for expenses incurred by 9/30/22  
        • After November 30th, no additional transactions will be allowed on these accounts 
      • On December 1st the BO will begin the FY22 close out process 
      • Please monitor your continuation accounts for timely cost transfer submission 
        • Please contact the BO if you need any assistance 
    • FY23 Accounts  
      • New Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) opened on 10/1/2022 (FFY23) 
      • Your department budget was identified in your FY23 Dept. Budget Hearing Letter from the Dean  
      • *Reminder: Every expense must be categorized in 1 or more of the 5 areas strategic areas by the utilization of sub-accounts (only exception is Regular Payroll) – specific to Smith Lever accounts only  
        • Sub-Accounts 
          • Climate (CLIM) 
          • Food (FOOD) 
          • Health (HLTH) 
          • Landscapes (LAND) 
          • Misc. (MISC)  
      • Sub-account report          
        • Runs bi-weekly on Fridays – please review regularly and make sure all expenses are tied to one or more critical area(s) 
  • Purchasing Reminders 
    • With the Holiday Season approaching some vendors may provide reduced pricing 
      • Please be mindful of when items must be procured and allow ample time for processing (especially orders greater than $10k) 


HR and Payroll Reminders: 

  • Spring 2023 Adjunct Deadlines 
    • PageUp – End of October 2022 
    • Smart-HR – BO Deadline – December 13, 2022 
      • University Deadline for Spring 2023 Adjunct PA’s is December 27, 2022 
      • Attachments: 
        • REQUIRED: Offer Letter (OL)   
        • Comments section: DEPT, Employee Name, Employee #, transaction description, and effective dates 
  • Spring 2023 GA Deadlines 
    • Smart-HR  – BO Deadline – December 2, 2022 
      • University Deadline for Spring 2023 GA PA’s December 16, 2022 
      • Attachments: 
        • REQUIRED: Offer Letter (OL)   
        • RECOMMENDED: Supplemental Description of Duties (SDD) * not required at time of submission, but will expedite the approval process (if not attached to Smart-HR email to Payroll GA coordinator) 
      • Comments section: DEPT, Employee Name, Employee #, transaction description, and effective dates 
  • Special Payroll Processing Deadlines 
    • Processing deadlines are available on the Special Payroll Information website:  Special Payroll Information | Human Resources ( 
    • Special Payroll hire requests must be approved by HR in PageUp before a department is able to submit a SmartHR transaction 
      • It may take up to 4-6 weeks for a hire request to be fully approved  
    • Late submissions risk a delayed first paycheck for the employee and pose risk to the University if any employee begins working without a completed I-9 on file. 
    • The request to hire on Special Payroll must receive final approval from HR ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled start date.  
      • If less than 10 business days from HR approval, HR will either update the request directly or return the request to the hiring department to make necessary changes and resubmit through the approval workflow. 
      • Requiring 10 business days provides adequate time for candidates to complete or comply with:  
        • Criminal Background Check (if applicable) 
        • Retirement Election (if applicable) 
        • I-9 Form 
  • PageUp Trainings 
    • Regular Payroll 
      • November 7 from 9am to 12pm (Register) 
    • Special Payroll 


CAHNR Internal Professional Development Opportunities:   

The CAHNR’s Dean’s Office is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and graduate students to expand their professional knowledge and skills. Throughout the year, the Dean’s Office will organize workshops and trainings that help the CAHNR community grow their understanding and abilities of both hard and soft skills, such as communications, HR/payroll, and creativity.   

Professional development opportunities will be listed on this site as they are finalized. Check back regularly to learn about upcoming events.   

Additional training opportunities can be found:  


  • Business Office Open Hour 
    • Wednesday, November 16th from 12:00PM – 1:00PM, Young 209 w/ Virtual option 
    • The Business Office will be hosting an open hour to review some helpful tips and tricks.  Items include:  
      • Fiscal vs. Project account and what it means  
      • Helpful Screens in KFS 
      • How to look up an employee number 
    • If you would like to attend, please email the CAHNRBO and we will add your name to the invite 
  • COMING SOON –Foundation FELIX Training 
    • TBD 
    • The Business Office will once again coordinate training with UConn Foundation to demonstrate the Foundation Felix system.   
      • This system provides helpful account information about the fund, any restrictions, real time balance, etc.   


 Shout Out: 

  • Welcome 
    • Edward Harris, Financial Analyst 1, CAHNR Business Office 
    • Joshua Duvall, Administrative Program Support 1, NUSC 
    • Kaylee Carlisle, Educational Program Assistant 1, EXT – HTFD 
    • Lindsay Polhemus, Administrative Program Support 1 – AHS 
  • Farewells 
    • Good Luck:  
      • Dana Foster, Administrative Program Support 4, Dean’s Business Office 
      • Chelsea Lebron, Administrative Program Support 3, NRE