Month: March 2020

IMPORTANT – COVID-19 Timesheet Reporting Requirements

Good Afternoon,

We hope this message finds you well!

You are receiving this message as you have been identified as a Time Reporter, Timekeeper or Time Approver in Core-CT.  This message contains important information regarding the proper coding of timesheets related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is mandatory that timesheets be completed in accordance with these guidelines to ensure accurate financial reporting.

A ‘COVID-19 Time Reporting’ webpage has been created to inform employees and supervisors how to complete timesheets for pay period ending 3/26/20.  The page provides applicable scenarios, along with examples of how timesheet entry should be completed for those scenarios requiring an Override Reason Code.  Please note that Override Reason Codes are used for reporting purposes, and are critical to meeting our operational and business needs during this unprecedented event.  It is imperative that timesheets reflect appropriate Override Reason Codes.  Please review guidance at before completing and approving employee timesheets.

In accordance with standard biweekly deadlines, all employees who are required to submit a timesheet must do so no later than the close of business on Friday, March 27th for the pay cycle running March 13th through March 26th.  For questions regarding the coding of timesheets, you may contact the appropriate Payroll staff member(s) at  Any questions regarding the reason for an employee’s absence as it relates to COVID-19 should be emailed to

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to work through the evolving time reporting requirements related to COVID-19.

Jennifer Person
Director, Payroll Department
University of Connecticut
343 Mansfield Rd., Unit 1111
Storrs, CT  06269-1111

P:  860-486-0962, or 860-486-2423
F:  860-486-4296


From: Time_Approvers-L <TIME_APPROVERS-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU> On Behalf Of Payroll – Time Administrator
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2020 3:21 PM
Subject: IMPORTANT – COVID-19 Timesheet Reporting Requirements
Importance: High

Concur Travel and Expense Training (From Daily Digest)

Concur Travel and Expense Training

Concur Travel and Expense Training Opportunities

Whether you have been using Concur since October or you are going live this spring, training is available for all Employees, Grad Assistants, Grad Interns, and Post-Docs. Please visit the Travel and Expense Project Page or the Professional Development Training Page directly to register for a session(s) most applicable to you.  Training options are outlined in the table below.

Concur Travel and Expense Reference Material

As always, training documentation, pre-recorded training, and e-learning modules are always available by visiting the Travel and Expense Project Page directly.

Class Title


Training Length

Concur Delegate Training (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees, who will be delegated to assist with the preparation of travel requests and/or expense reports, on behalf of another UConn End User (traveler). This training encapsulates the entirety of all concur training sessions, excluding Approver related tasks. You do not need to attend the other trainings in addition to this, unless you are also approving requests and/or expense reports.

3 Hours

Concur Travel and Request Training for End Users (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees traveling on behalf of UConn.

1.5 Hours

Concur Expense Report End User Training (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees seeking reimbursement for UConn travel and/or non-travel related business expenses.

1.5 Hours

Concur Approver Training (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees approving travel requests and/or travel and non-travel expense reports at UConn. Approvers in Concur are defined as those whom have direct reports in CORE CT and/or those listed as a Fiscal Officer in KFS.

1 Hour

For more information, contact: Travel at

Update on COVID-19 Time Reporting

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your patience as we work through the time reporting requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As you know, guidance continues to evolve, making it challenging to provide the most up-to-date information related to the completion and approval of employee timesheets.  While we develop detailed direction over the next few days on time and attendance requirements, we ask that employee timesheets NOT be submitted and approved until notified later this week.  Our goal is to limit the number of timesheet corrections that will be required, and to ensure timely and accurate pay to employees.

We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility.


Jennifer Person
Director, Payroll Department
University of Connecticut
343 Mansfield Rd., Unit 1111
Storrs, CT  06269-1111

P:  860-486-0962, or 860-486-2423
F:  860-486-4296

From: Time_Approvers-L <TIME_APPROVERS-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU> On Behalf Of Payroll – Time Administrator
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2020 3:29 PM
Subject: Update on COVID-19 Time Reporting
Importance: High

HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – Temporary Home Shipping Option

Due to the need to keep specific University areas functioning, as a temporary measure critical purchases related to the furthering of education and research only can be shipped directly to other in-state (CT) locations (e.g. home) through HuskyBuy. When a CT off campus address is used, requisitions will come to Procurement for final approval, regardless of dollar amount or contract vendor. If the employee of the “ship-to” address wishes not to list their personal address, please list your local USPS, FedEx, or UPS location for “pick-up.” When purchasing items with a ProCard, items must be shipped to a UConn address and NOT to other locations (e.g. home).

Arrangements should be made to pick up items at your department first.  Arrangements can be made to be delivered to the Warehouse only if no other delivery option is available. Regardless of delivery location, the University retains ownership of all items purchased on your ProCard or through HuskyBuy and may require tagging at a later time.  Be prepared for the inventory/capitalization staff to reach out for serial numbers and other pertinent information for purchases of capital and controllable property delivered to a location outside of UConn.

For items requiring special handling such as temperature sensitive items, delivery direct to your location at the University is preferred.  Chemicals and hazardous products do not qualify for this exception, continue to follow standard University procedures for Chemical orders.  If you have questions related to lab supply orders including Chemicals, contact Kathleen Kearney (

Please note that not all of our catalog suppliers support this use of ad-hoc shipping addresses, namely Office Depot. WB Mason should be used for office supplies shipped to home addresses. The FO of each account remains responsible for approval of the purchase under existing procurement guidelines for education and research requirements.

As a public university and agency of the State of Connecticut, the University draws funding from a wide range of sources including students, taxpayers and benefactors.  The University has an obligation to these constituencies to use its funds prudently in pursuit of its mission and goals.  All uses of University Funds, therefore, must be directly related to University business and in the best interests of the University.

Please click here for instructions on how to input your home address in HuskyBuy.

Please contact John Clifford PhD at if you have any questions, issues, or concerns.


From: Procurement Solutions Center <>
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2020 4:49 PM
Subject: HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – Temporary Home Shipping Option

Coding of Coronavirus Expenses in Concur, Husky Buy and KFS

Coding of Coronavirus Expenses in Concur, Husky Buy and KFS

Over the next several weeks UConn will be incurring unusual expenses attributable to Coronavirus. It is important that departments add additional identifiers to Travel, e-docs, Requisitions, and Purchase Orders for these expenses directly associated with the prevention of COVID-19. Some of the types of expenses that we would consider to be unusual:

  1. Non-refundable Travel Costs because of Coronavirus
  2. Purchasing of equipment to work remotely (Computers, cables, iPads, etc.)
  3. Purchase of office and research supplies as a result of Coronavirus
  4. Purchase of additional cleaning materials to clean offices, bathrooms, doors, etc.
  5. Additional services needed from UConn vendors for facility services and housekeeping

This list is not all inclusive and ask yourself if the expense you are incurring is a normal expense or because of the current situation with Coronavirus.

Please follow these instructions when coding your expenses:


In Concur, add the following identifier COVID19 to this field:

Husky Buy:

In Husky Buy, add the following identifier COVID19 to this field:

Kuali Financial Systems:

In KFS, add the following identifier COVID19 to this field:

For items purchased and already posted to KFS:

If you have already purchased an item or service related to COVID-19 and it has posted to KFS, please complete an IAA (Intra-Account Adjustment) edoc to update the Project field.

Need additional help? We are here to help you:

Kuali Financial Systems – KFS
Lori-Anne Hansen – Associate Controller

Husky Buy
Nancy Patrylak – Procurement Manager

Concur – Travel
Dan Warren – Director

Source Link:

HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – Laptop Purchases and Rentals (From Procurement)

Laptop Purchases and Rentals

Procurement is in contact with our laptop suppliers and indicate they have limited stock. We ask that you contact them before you order to confirm availability and place the order as a punch-out from the following vendors:

  • Connection
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • CDW-G
  • SHI (non-catalog)

Rentals can be made using a non-catalog requisition from:

ITS is currently working on a website with links to all telecommuting tools. It will be accessible from the ITS website as well as the tech support web site.

For rentals, you will need to contact the vendor to obtain availability and price. Clearly state on the requisition it is a “rental” and number of months expected.

We will continue to add other vendors when needed. You are also welcome to contact other vendors on your own and advise them you will be purchasing on a purchase order. Procard policy regarding laptops has not changed.  The Procard cannot be used for the purchase or rental of laptops.

Note: Laptops used from home do not require the UConn image.

Please contact me via email if you experience any issues.

John Clifford, PhD
University Director of Procurement Services

Procurement Solutions Center, UBS


From: Procurement Solutions Center <>
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2020 12:01 PM
Subject: HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – Laptop Purchases and Rentals

COVID-19 Academic Event and Faculty Travel Approval (From Provost Office)

A message from the Office of the Provost


Dear Council of Deans and Assistants:

In an effort to streamline our process of communicating approvals or policy updates in relation to academic events and faculty travel, we have created a new online form. This should provide us with all the information we need to track events and travel and to communicate with staff and faculty in a timely manner about any events or travel plans that they submit for approval.

The link can be accessed here:

If you have individual faculty traveling who would like an exemption from the Provost’s Office to give them permission to travel, they should fill out this form. However, we do strongly encourage them to consider remote options and/or postponement if at all possible.

As this situation has evolved, we have been working to create a better process to gather the information we need so that we can provide up-to-date information as and when guidelines are updated. Thank you for working with us to help make sure we have all the details we need to communicate effectively in relation to academic events and travel.


Best regards,

Jeffrey Shoulson


Jeffrey Shoulson, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Academic Operations

Professor of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Professor of English

University of Connecticut

352 Mansfield Road, Unit 1086

Storrs, CT 06268-1086

[UCONN_OFFICIAL_ANNOUNCEMENTS-L] UConn Coronavirus Daily Update for 3-10-20

To the University Community:

Given the quickly changing nature of the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to communicate with multiple audiences, the university is going to begin sending a daily update with all new coronavirus-related messages to the UConn community. This will centralize communications in one place and reduce the number of overlapping, stand-alone messages that the UConn community will receive.

CURRENT STATUS: All students, faculty and staff need to register all international travel, if you have not already. Out-of-state travel on university business is suspended. As of today, planned events and gatherings that include more than 100 people can continue as planned. This includes on-campus conferences, meetings, performances, athletic events and other gatherings. Should this guidance change, the university will communicate that change to the campus community.

Please click the READ MORE links to see the full messages, below.

CRITICAL MESSAGE FOR ALL FACULTY: While a decision to suspend on-campus operations has not been made at this time, in light of the COVID-19 virus, all faculty must begin preparing now in the event UConn chooses to transition to remote teaching online after Spring Break. Faculty should have plans in place, based on guidance below, to make that transition as soon as March 23. This is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all courses, should the university make this choice in the near future in the best interests of public health. Faculty should also get in the habit of taking their laptops home every night to prepare for the possibility of a short-notice decision to restrict access to campus. READ MORE.

CRITICAL MESSAGE FOR ALL STUDENTS: The COVID-19 pandemic will come to the state of Connecticut and it will likely directly impact UConn. In that case, we are prepared for the possibility of moving classes to an online-only format and having students return home when possible. This has already occurred at some universities in the country. It is strongly recommended that students bring along all necessary academic materials (textbooks, laptop, notes, etc.) during the Spring Break period in case the decision is made to not return to in-class instruction.  Should the university determine that instruction will be offered online, students may not have the ability to return to the residence halls. READ MORE.

[UCONN_EMPLOYEES-L] Updated Travel Guidance; University-Sponsored Travel Outside of Connecticut is Suspended

To the UConn Community:

Earlier today, Governor Lamont sent executive branch agency heads a directive designed to help prevent and delay COVID-19 in Connecticut, including freezing employee travel on state business.

University-Sponsored Travel Outside of Connecticut is Suspended: Though not an executive branch agency, UConn wishes to act in keeping with the governor’s goals. Effective immediately, all domestic and international, university-sponsored travel outside of the state by faculty and staff is suspended until further notice.  Any exception needs to be approved by university leadership.

Requests for Travel Exceptions: If you believe an exception should be made for your planned travel, please make a request in writing to the appropriate operational leadership office to whom you report, meaning the President (for units that report directly to the President’s office), Provost, Executive Vice President for Administration/CFO, or the CEO of UConn Health. Each request will be evaluated and a response will be provided.

Travel Updates:  In consultation with the Governor’s office, the university may determine what is or is not essential employee travel and will provide you with any updates.

Campus Events: Organizers of events on any of our campuses being attended by out-of-state travelers must continue to consult with the Provost’s office (if the event as academic in nature, including the regional campuses and the schools in Farmington) or the EVP for Administration’s office (if the event is non-academic in nature) to determine if any modifications are needed. This requirement applies to all events sponsored by the University, including schools, colleges, departments as well as employee-sponsored or student-sponsored events.

On-campus activities such as athletic events and fine arts performances can continue as scheduled. If anything changes or if modifications are needed, new guidance will be shared immediately.

Please also continue to consult UConn’s coronavirus information page for resources and guidance on these issues and related topics.


From: University Communications <>
Date: March 9, 2020 at 6:50:36 PM EDT
Subject: [UCONN_EMPLOYEES-L] Updated Travel Guidance; University-Sponsored Travel Outside of Connecticut is Suspended