HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – Laptop Purchases and Rentals (From Procurement)

Laptop Purchases and Rentals

Procurement is in contact with our laptop suppliers and indicate they have limited stock. We ask that you contact them before you order to confirm availability and place the order as a punch-out from the following vendors:

  • Connection
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • CDW-G
  • SHI (non-catalog)

Rentals can be made using a non-catalog requisition from:

ITS is currently working on a website with links to all telecommuting tools. It will be accessible from the ITS website as well as the tech support web site.

For rentals, you will need to contact the vendor to obtain availability and price. Clearly state on the requisition it is a “rental” and number of months expected.

We will continue to add other vendors when needed. You are also welcome to contact other vendors on your own and advise them you will be purchasing on a purchase order. Procard policy regarding laptops has not changed.  The Procard cannot be used for the purchase or rental of laptops.

Note: Laptops used from home do not require the UConn image.

Please contact me via email if you experience any issues.

John Clifford, PhD
University Director of Procurement Services

Procurement Solutions Center, UBS


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