Month: September 2022

October 2022 Newsletter

October 2022 Newsletter 


Fiscal Reminders:    

  • Dept. Search Expense Account  
    • Dean will provide an allocation of $8k per search 
      • This includes post-hiring relocation costs 
    • The Business Office internally monitors each search budget via sub-accounts


  • Federal Accounts (Smith Lever, SAES Capacity) – REMINDER from previous months 
    • FY22 Accounts  
      • will remain open through 11/30/22 for expenses incurred by 9/30/22  
        • Please avoid last minute spending 
        • After November 30th, no additional transactions will be allowed on these accounts 
      • On December 1st the BO will begin the FY22 close out process 
      • Please monitor your continuation accounts for timely cost transfer submission 
        • Please contact the BO if you need any assistance 
    • FY23 Accounts  
      • New Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) opens on 10/1/2022 (FFY23) 
      • Your department budget was identified in your FY23 Dept. Budget Hearing Letter from the Dean  
      • *Reminder: Every expense must be categorized in 1 or more of the 5 areas strategic areas by the utilization of sub-accounts (only exception is Regular Payroll) – specific to Smith Lever accounts only  
        • Sub-Accounts 
          • Climate (CLIM) 
          • Food (FOOD) 
          • Health (HLTH) 
          • Landscapes (LAND) 
          • Misc. (MISC)  
      • Communication regarding your units FY23 account number will be forthcoming   


  • From the Bursar’s Office: Accounts Receivable KFS Training Videos (new!) 

          These KFS video walkthroughs are intended to make invoicing in KFS an easier process for departments at UConn. 

      • The first 5 topics cover: 
        • Finding a customer 
        • Creating a new customer 
        • Editing a customer 
        • Creating a customer invoice 
    • Monitoring your customer invoices 
    • Coming soon: credit memo  


HR and Payroll Reminders: 

  •  Spring 2023 Adjunct Deadlines 
      • PageUp – End of October 2022 
      • Smart-HR – BO Deadline – Mid-December 2022 
        • University Deadline for Spring 2023 Adjunct PA’s is end of December  
        • Attachments: 
          • REQUIRED: Offer Letter (OL)   
          • Comments section: DEPT, Employee Name, Employee #, transaction description, and effective dates 
  • Spring 2023 GA Deadlines 
    • Smart-HR  – BO Deadline – December 2, 2022 
      • University Deadline for Spring 2023 GA PA’s December 16, 2022 
      • Attachments: 
        • REQUIRED: Offer Letter (OL)   
        • RECOMMENDED: Supplemental Description of Duties (SDD) * not required at time of submission, but will expedite the approval process (if not attached to Smart-HR email to Payroll GA coordinator) 
      • Comments section: DEPT, Employee Name, Employee #, transaction description, and effective dates 


  • October and November PageUp Trainings 
    • Regular Payroll 
      • October 17 from 9am to 12pm (Register) 
      • November 7 from 9am to 12pm (Register) 
    • Special Payroll 


  • PageUp Feedback Survey 
    • HR is interested in knowing what you find is working well, what could work better, and what features and training you would like to see introduced in the future.  
    • HR will review initial survey responses by September 23rd but will leave the survey open beyond that date. 
    • To provide feedback, please complete this brief survey through Qualtrics:  


  • CAHNR Business Office Payroll Processes 
    • Throughout the year, the CAHNR Business Office will be drafting additional documents highlighting our internal processes. 
    • These will be posted in the CAHNR Admin Team’s Page for future reference 
      • NEW  – Offer Letter Process  
        • All offer letters are routed through the Business Office and reviewed for accuracy and completion   
        • Signatures 
          • Admins are responsible for obtaining department head (supervisor) and employee signatures. 
          • BO is responsible for obtaining the Dean’s signature (if applicable) 
        • BO must receive final copy of ALL offer letters  
        • Best practice – documents should be in a word document so edits can be made 
    • Any suggestions for future documented processes, please reach out to Dana Foster and Julie Savino in the CAHNR Business Office  


  • Mandatory workshop for H-1B Visa Holders at UConn  
    • Please remind those in your unit – Mandatory workshop for H-1B faculty and staff.   
      • This includes first-time H-1B holders and current H-1B visa holders new to UConn.  This also includes any J-1 or F-1 staff who anticipate changing to H-1B status within the next year. 
      • Also, this is suggested as a “refresher” (but not required) for current H-1B holders who have attended this workshop previously. 
    • This workshop will cover important rules and regulations for H-1B visa holders to maintain their legal status while being employed at UConn.  
    • The workshop will be held at the Homer Babbidge Library in HBL Instruction Room 1102 on the following two days:   
        1. Thursday, October 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM – 12:00   (HBL Instruction 1102) 
        2. Friday, October 21, 2021 at 10:00 AM – 12:00   (HBL Instruction 1102) 
      • The workshop is in person. Attendance virtually via MS Teams will only be allowed for those working at Regional Campuses and/or Off-site locations.  
    • Registration is required via this Google Form:  


CAHNR Internal Professional Development Opportunities: 

The CAHNR’s Dean’s Office is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and graduate students to expand their professional knowledge and skills. Throughout the year, the Dean’s Office will organize workshops and trainings that help the CAHNR community grow their understanding and abilities of both hard and soft skills, such as communications, HR/payroll, and creativity.   

Professional development opportunities will be listed on this site as they are finalized. Check back regularly to learn about upcoming events.   

Additional training opportunities can be found:  

  • HuskyBuy Training  
    • Monday, October 17th from 10:00AM – 11:30AM 
    • The CAHNR Business Office in conjunction with CLAS has coordinated a HuskyBuy training.  This is a supplementary training to the Purchasing overview that was provided in the month of September 
    • If you would like to attend, please email Winnie Lunt and Alicia Huckle, and your name will be added to the invitation 
  • Special Payroll Training offered by the B.O 
    • Thursday, October 27th from 2:00PM – 3:30PM 
    • This training will include information related to both PageUp and CORE processing 
      • We will review the hiring process in PageUP, data changes in both PageUp and CORE, as well as how this information ties financially into your unit’s respective account(s) 
    • If you would like to attend, please email the CAHNRBO and we will add your name to the invite 
  • COMING SOON –Foundation FELIX Training 
    • TBD 
    • The Business Office will once again coordinate training with UConn Foundation to demonstrate the Foundation Felix system.   
      • This system provides helpful account information about the fund, any restrictions, real time balance, etc.   


Shout Out:

  • Welcome 
    • Erica MacLean, Administrative Program Support 1, Dean’s Office 
    • Donna Dione, Educational Program Assistant 1, Dept. Of Extension – Middlesex
  • Congratulations 
    • Jessica Marsalisi, Administrative Program Support 3, Allied Health Sciences
  • Farewells 
      • Good Luck: Kaitlin Graham-Handley (NUSC) 



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Offer Letter Process (FINAL 9-21-22)