Month: March 2024

April 2024 Newsletter

April 2024 Newsletter

Fiscal Updates:

  • FY24 Fiscal Year End
      • Starting the first Monday, April 1st through the end of fiscal year 2024, the Business Office will be distributing weekly financial reports related to year end close. The report will include the following:
        • 2.5% Carry Forward – Academic Units and Extension Storrs
        • 2L Balances “Use it or Lose it” – all units
        • Salary Savings – all units
        • Org fund balance Report – all units
        • TA/Adjunct Compensation Report – Academic Units only
        • GA Hold Account Report – Academic Units only
        • Continuation Account Report – all units
        • Open Encumbrance Report – all units
        • Pending E-doc Report – all units
      • FY24 University Year-End Deadlines
  • Summer 2024 Faculty Payrolls 
    • The Business Office will be processing summer faculty salary against any grant/contract, start-up, and/or any other salary commitments from the Dean’s Office  
      • This process will begin in early March and continue through April 12th, which is the B.O. Deadline for Summer Payroll with an effective date of 5/22/2024  
    • Departments will continue to be responsible for processing non-grant summer payrolls. 
      • 11-month Faculty 
        • The B.O will work with faculty to process the summer hire  
        • This will include the PageUp Request and the Smart-HR Transaction   
    • Important Reminder:  
      • The updated overload policy allows faculty to be eligible to earn up to an additional 25% over their summer salary (12/12ths) for non-research activity (May and winter intersession, summer teaching, CETL course development, etc.) 
      • The overload must be requested and approved prior to the start of the non-research activity 
      • If you are processing special payroll compensation for your research-active faculty, please contact the B.O. to start the overload request  
  • Summer Pre-encumbrances 
    • The B.O. will be pre-encumbering salary and fringe for FY24 and FY25 (starting 6/14/24 onwards) for the following payroll types:   
      • Summer Grads, Faculty Summer, and other Special Payroll appointments on grant accounts  
      • The Pre-encumbrance will be reflected in the May 1st reports 


      HR (Human Resources) and Payroll Updates:

      • Grad Summer 2024 
        • Important Dates 
          • Summer dates are 5/22/2024-8/22/2024  
          • Due to PageUp: 3/15/2024  
          • Approval in Page Up: 4/10/2024  
          • Smart-HR (Internal BO) Submit by 4/12/2024  
          • Smart-HR (University) Approved by 4/19/2024  
        • Reminders: 
          • Please include a print-out of the Grad calculator in your PageUp requests 
          • Submit a PageUp request for each unique funding period.  In the Smart-HR Special Payroll hire template, the appointment’s start and end dates are sourced directly from the PageUp record and are not editable. This could lead to inaccuracies in encumbrance if adjustments to funding are required 
              • From the Graduate School:
                  • Fall 2024 Grad 
                    • Refer to attached email from the Grad School regarding April 15th resolution 
                    • Graduate School Timely Topics 
                        • Thursday, March 7 at 1pm – Embedding Career Readiness in Your Courses
                        • Thursday, March 28 at 11am – Doctoral Degrees, Master’s Degrees, and Graduate Certificates: A Comprehensive Overview of Degree Audit Processes
                        • Thursday, April 11 at 11am – Best Practices in Onboarding and Graduating International Students


                    CAHNR Internal Professional Development Opportunities:

                    The CAHNR’s Dean’s Office is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and graduate students to expand their professional knowledge and skills. Throughout the year, the Dean’s Office will organize workshops and offer training, that will help the CAHNR community grow. Workshops and training will focus on fostering employee understanding and abilities in both hard and soft skills, such as in communication, HR/Payroll competency, and creativity.

                    As Professional Development Opportunities are finalized, they will be listed on our website here. Please be sure to check regularly for new learning opportunities and other about upcoming events.

                    • CAHNR Admin Meeting
                        • Wednesday, April 24th 10:30 – noon
                        • Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions, or if you have anything you would like to know more about
                        • CAHNR Staff Advisory Council (SAC)
                          • Visit the CAHNR Staff SharePoint Site for opportunities with professional development, networking, and even hobby and wellness events.


                            Fun “Dad” Jokes:

                            • What did the carrot say to the other root vegetables?  You’re looking radishing today!
                            • What is a chicken’s favorite plant?  Egg plant
                            • Why did the tree go to the dentist?  To get its root canal done