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Career Paths and PageUp (From Daily Digest)

We write to share some updates on the integration of Career Paths into PageUp.

New Searches

Effective March 2nd, Human Resources will use Career Paths Job Titles, and the associated Salary Bands, for new searches in PageUp. To identify a correct Job Template in Career Paths, we encourage Hiring Departments to consider the essential duties, responsibilities, and components of a job. From there, Hiring Departments should select the appropriate Occupational Group, Job Family, Job Path, and Job Template. This process ensures that Hiring Departments select the correct Job Template based on the work requirements and expectations. Workforce Solutions is available to assist Hiring Departments in the selection of Job Templates. In addition, Hiring Departments should contact their Workforce Solutions specialist to discuss the inclusion of education and experience equivalencies, if needed. As always, equivalencies must be included explicitly in the Job Advertisement in order to assess candidates against them.

Searches in Progress

Over the next two weeks, Human Resources will convert searches in progress from the Legacy UCPEA Classification System to Career Paths, assessing and mapping the job and applying the Career Paths Salary Bands. HR will notify hiring departments when the conversion for their job is complete.

Recently Hired

Human Resources will inform recently hired employees of their mapping in Career Paths on an on-going basis. Employees mapped into Career Paths with their salary below the minimum will be brought up the minimum, effective the date of hire.

For more information, contact: Human Resources at


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Update: Special Payroll and PageUp (From Special Payroll Listserv)

Dear Colleagues,

We write with updates and reminders on Special Payroll and PageUp.


Regular Payroll Faculty Members

Summer appointments (5/23-8/22) for regular payroll faculty members, eligible under the Extra Compensation policy, are now processed through a SmartHR transaction, which HR will post-audit. These appointments will not be processed through PageUp. Departments should submit the SmartHR transaction with the appropriate documentation for regular payroll faculty members:

  • Conducting research: The Faculty Research Certification is now available on the HR website.
  • Teaching a credit course: The offer letter template is now available on the HR website.
  • Performing all other work on special payroll: The offer letter template is now available on the HR website.

Graduate Students

Departments should use the PageUp special payroll graduate search that HR has set up for summer (5/22-8/22) appointments. Departments will need to send out the link to the graduate student(s) to apply.  Once the graduate student has applied, the department can submit the hire request with the appropriate documentation for graduate students:

  • Conducting research: The offer letter to use in this situation is “Grad Student Technician,” as found in the PageUp merge feature.
  • Teaching a credit course: The offer letter to use in this situation is “Grad Special Pay Lecturer,” as found in the PageUp merge feature.
  • Providing course support: Currently, departments submit requests for GA Instructional Specialists at the maximum stipend amount; however, the final stipend amount depends on student enrollment in the course, and the stipend amount cannot be updated if the GA has already accepted the offer and a SmartHR has been processed. To address this issue for summer 2020, HR recommends the following process: Departments continue to submit hire requests at the maximum stipend  (and the offer letter, “Grad Instructional Specialist,” should contain the stipend formula, not the actual stipend) and continue to offer the position to the GA. Departments should refrain from submitting the SmartHR transaction until after the final stipend amount is known; HR will update the hire request and re-export the data to Smart HR for processing by departments. HR will contact departments at the end of the add/drop periods to collect final stipend amounts.


Add/Drop Schedule for Final Course Support Stipend
Session Add/Drop End Date
May Term (5/11-5/29) May 13
Summer Session 1 (6/1-7/2) June 5
Alternative Session 1 (6/1-7/10) June 5
Summer Session 2 (7/13-8/14) July 17
Alternative Session 2 (7/13-8/21) July 17
Summer Session 3 (6/1-8/28) June 5


UCPEA and Special Payroll

A Flexible Work Schedule Agreement Form is needed when an employee in a position covered by UCPEA is on a special payroll appointment and needs to adjust their regular payroll schedule to accommodate the special payroll activity. Completed forms should be sent directly to BOTH and for approval. Once approved by Labor Relations, HR will be able to continue processing the special payroll request.

Late Course Cancellations for Adjunct Faculty Members

Article 26.3 of the AAUP contract requires notice to adjunct faculty when their scheduled course is cancelled. Notification timeframes vary by length of service:

  • 30 days’ notice for adjuncts who have worked less than 6 consecutive semesters.
  • 45 days’ notice for adjuncts who have worked 6 or more consecutive semesters.

If the adjunct faculty member does not receive the necessary notification, they are eligible for a partial lump-sum payment of their original appointment. The following formula is used to calculate the lump-sum payment:

  1. Number of Days’ Notice Required by Contract – Actual Number of Days’ Notice Prior to the Start of the Course = Days’ Owed
  2. (Intended Stipend Payment / Number of Days in the Semester) * Days’ Owed = One-Time Lump-Sum Payment

The lump-sum payment should be processed through SmartHR.

Please forward any questions to


From: Special Payroll Information <SPECIAL_PAYROLL-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU> On Behalf Of Murray, Brandon
Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2020 9:27 AM
Subject: Update: Special Payroll and PageUp

Split Coding/Allotment on Special Payroll Appointments

When you need to split coding for a special payroll appointment in order to allot a specific dollar amount for a specific amount of time, you will need to submit two separate PageUp hire requests.  Since PageUp appointments feed directly to SmartHR, you would need to split them up in PageUp to accomplish the same split in Core.  For example:  You have an employee with a six month appointment and you want them to receive a total of $6000.  For the first two months you want to pay them $2000 from KFS #1234567; and then $4000 for the remaining four months on KFS #7654321.  This would require two separate PageUp and Smart HR transactions.

Audit/Waiver Search and Hire Requests

Now a 2 step process

Department creates new job – selects A/W for search request

  • Attach justification for hire and job description only.
  • CAHNR process for initial search request approval: Initiator submits to UH for approval; UH approves and submits for HR approval.    DH will be able to view when approving hire request.
  • HR will notify department when search request is approved and link to send to applicant will be in the Notes/Documents section.
  • Department sends link to applicant; once applicant applies department creates hire request which then goes through the normal search workflow approval.

Core-CT Regular Payroll Hire Information

The hire transactions for Classified and Unclassified employees in CoreCT will be processed by Payroll using the information carried over from PageUp. You will no longer have access to the templates! Payroll will be processing the transactions close to the start date, therefore any information that may have changed between the PageUp hire request and the time of the hire, such as coding information, will need to be processed in either a funding or data change after the hire transaction has been completed.

Core-CT Information

After applicant accepts online offer, applicant has to fill out onboarding information form before a hire transaction can be processed in Core. Follow up with applicant after a couple of days (if you can’t process in Core) and remind them to fill out form.

New NetID format:  ex.  les02011-1234

Same NetID but different 4-digit extension is issued with each Page-Up hire
Be sure to select correct NetID when doing SmartHR transaction
To check if using correct one, look at prepopulated job info

Offer Letter Information

Please add job duties (particularly special payroll) to the offer letter generated by PageUp. You will need to add this to the letter before submitting hire request to HR. This will require you to download the offer letter from PageUp and re-upload the updated offer letter.

Once you get HR approval to hire, OL cannot be changed -> you will have to contact HR for them to make this change before updating status to Make Online Offer.

If offer accepted and you then need to change letter, contact HR and ask that the letter be revised. Note that the applicant acceptance will be rescinded, revised OL uploaded by HR, you will need to notify candidate to accept the updated offer.

Applicant Status Update

NEW: When doing hire request, PageUp will stop you from updating status to “make online offer” until you have HR approval to hire. HR has added in a stop to the system so that departments cannot update to make online offer before HR approves. In order to Make Online Offer, the status needs to say Ready for Dept to Make Online Offer. In the future, you should not have to expect to contact HR to update the status to “Ready for Dept to Make Offer.”