Adjunct Processing in PageUp (From HR)

Dear Colleagues,

In December, the University transitioned to a new recruitment and onboarding system, PageUp. PageUp is the University’s system of record for recruitment, and it’s cloud-based functionality allows the University to generate digital offer letters.

As part of this transition, all new and recurring hires, including those on special payroll, require processing through PageUp. As such, all adjunct faculty must submit an up-to-date resume through PageUp to ensure appropriate integration into the new system and no break in service (adjunct faculty who teach for more than one department will need to submit a resume for each department). After successfully submitting a resume in PageUp, Human Resources will have the appropriate records to issue future offer letters without additional action from adjunct faculty. Periodically, Human Resources may require adjuncts to submit up-to-date resumes.
Human Resources will rely on academic departments to contact adjuncts directly with instructions on submitting resumes in PageUp.
Please contact with questions.

Thank you,
Human Resources