SPAR Updates and Adjunct Rates (From HR)

Dear Colleagues,

We write to share several Special Payroll updates.

Cancelling and Updating Special Payroll Hire Requests

Human Resources has developed workflows to help departments navigate updating or cancelling Special Payroll hire requests.  For example, departments may need to update a hire request when the submitted request has an incorrect end date or compensation amount. Workflows to update or cancel hire requests are available on the PageUp Help Documents website.

Duplicative Hires from the Same Search
It is important to remember that only a single hire request can be submitted for a candidate within the same search at once.  Departments should move a candidate’s status from “Hired” to “New Request” once the first hire is complete to start the next hire request. Here is an illustrative example: A department wants to hire John Smith as an Instructional Specialist and an Academic Technician. First, submit the request to hire John as the Instructional Specialist. Then, when John’s status has returned to “Hired,” update John’s status to “New Request,” and then create a new request to hire John as the Academic Technician.

Fall 2020 Adjunct Rates
Fall 2020 adjunct rates are now available on the HR website and below. Hire requests for Fall 2020 adjuncts should be submitted in PageUp by May 29th.

Effective August 23, 2020, per AAUP Contract article 19.7, there is a new Adjunct Faculty per credit minimum rate, $1,732 per credit. For adjuncts with more than two academic years of continuous employment, the minimum remuneration shall be a 2% increase.

Credits Stipend (Minimum) 2% Increase (Minimum)
1 $1,732.00 $1,766.64
2 $3,464.00 $3,533.28
3 $5,196.00 $5,299.92
4 $6,928.00 $7,066.56

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