Temporary Controllable Property Guidelines – COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 and to ensure business continuity, the Controller’s Division is making the following temporary policy/procedures changes with regards to Controllable Property:


Since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused most employees to telecommute from home, UConn has been allowing the purchase of small dollar items to be shipped to home locations.   Consistent with the University’s Policy on Controllable Property and the University’s Guide to the State Code of Ethics, All items purchased or reimbursed by UConn for use by employees are owned by UConn, and are to be used for UConn-related business.


In order to maintain control over purchases of items that are shipped to or used at employees’ homes, certain additional items that have an expected useful life of more than 1 year should be classified as controllable property. These items may include:

Computer monitors, printers, scanners

Headphones / headsets


Other electronic devices or peripherals with an expected useful life of more than 1 year

 Controllable property that meet these guidelines must be coded to Object Code 8306 Controllable Property, and Project Code COVID19. Inventory Control will create an asset record identified as a COVID-19 item. When available, Inventory Control will reach out to the employee to obtain a serial number for the item.

Once employees are able to return to their work location, Inventory Control will work with departments to tag the controllable property and update the inventory location.

Employees, Supervisors and Fiscal Officers are expected to use best-judgment and reason and continue to be good stewards of University resources during this unusual time.

UConn’s policy on Controllable Property policy states that:

It is the responsibility of the individual departments to identify and inventory Controllable Property assets on a regular basis.

Per the policy, Controllable Property is defined as:

Items with a cost under $5,000 that have a life of one or more years, and are sensitive, portable, and theft-prone in nature. These items are prone to theft because they are either not secured, are easily portable, contain new technology, contain sensitive data, and/or they are adaptable for personal use.  Examples of Controllable Property assets include: audiovisual equipment, televisions, projectors, communication equipment, cellular phones, data processing equipment, computers (laptops, iPads, Netbooks), computer peripherals, scanners, and cameras.


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