Approved FY22 Fringe Benefit Rates (from SPS)

Hello Everyone,

We received the approved Fringe Benefit Rate Agreement for FY22 from DHHS.  To help to mitigate the effect of our fringe benefit costs on research projects, the OVPR and administration has again provided funding to ensure the rates charged to research projects are substantially less than the full rates.  The FY22 rates are very close to what was projected last year.

The rates for FY22 and for proposal budgeting on the Office of the Vice President for Research Sponsored Program Services (SPS) website have been updated in accordance with this announcement.  The Pre-Award Team will accept the old fringe rates on budgets that have already been submitted to SPS, and for those where the budgets have been prepared and redoing them may jeopardize the timely proposal preparation and submission.  Budgets should be submitted to SPS using these rates no later Monday,  June 21.  If you would like to update a budget for a proposal that has already been submitted to Pre-Award but not yet submitted to the sponsor, please contact your Grant and Contract Specialist.

Additionally, please note that the required budget justification language regarding fringe benefits has been updated to the following:

“The fringe benefit rates used in the proposal budget are based on the rates approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.  An estimated cost escalation has been included in the out years per University budgeting guidance.”

FY22 FY23 FY24 FY25 FY26
Faculty 45.5% 47.8% 48.5% 49.5% 50.5%
Professional/Classified 48.5% 50.6% 51.5% 52.5% 53.5%
Special Payroll 22% 22% 22.5% 23% 23.5%
Post Docs 15.7% 16% 16.5% 17% 17.5%
Graduate Assistant, Academic Yr 15.7% 16% 16.5% 17% 17.5%
Student Labor 3.8% 3% 3.4% 3.4% 3.4%


FY23 – FY26 rates shown are projected estimates for budgeting purposes only.

FY26 rates should remain flat for FY26 and later for budgeting purposes only.


Jennifer Przybyszewski, MBA
Associate Director for Award Management and Accounting

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