PLEASE READ – Smart HR Outage due to SA Upgrade (From Payroll Office)

***Important Message to Smart HR Users from Jessica Dempsey***

Good Morning,

Due to the upgrade of the PeopleSoft Student Administration System, Smart HR template functionality will be impacted beginning Friday, 12/4 through Tuesday, 12/8. Users should not attempt to submit Core-CT Smart HR transactions on the following templates:

Special Payroll Smart HR Templates
UC_PG_SPT Special Payroll Teaching Hire PageUp
UC_TBH_DC_SPT_PAY Special Payroll Teaching Pay Change
UC_TBH_GRAT UConn Hire Template – Gratis
UC_TBH_SPT UConn Hire Template – Special Pay Teaching

Graduate Assistants and Provost’s Professional Interns Smart HR Template
UC_TBH_GA UConn Hire Template – Graduate Assistant
UC_TBH_GI UConn Hire Template – Graduate Intern Hire
UC_TBH_DC_GA_PAY UConn Graduate Assistants Pay/Level Change
UC_TBH_DC_GI_PAY UConn Data Change – Grad Intern (Professional) Pay
UC_TBH_DC_GRAD_DAT Graduate Payroll Data Changes

Student Labor and Work-study Smart HR Templates
UC_TBH_DC_WS_AWRD UConn Data Change – Work Study Award
UC_TBH_SL UConn Hire Template – Student Labor Hire
UC_TBH_SL_RACA UConn Hire Template – Student Labor RA/CA
UC_TBH_WS UConn Hire Template – Workstudy Student Hire

Please note: Transactions submitted on these templates during this period will be cancelled and users will need to resubmit them.

We anticipate that processing will be able to resume on Wednesday, 12/9 after all data and integrations have been validated. We will send a follow-up communication once we receive confirmation that use of these templates may resume. Questions regarding Smart HR functionality can be directed to Thank you for your patience.

Jessica Dempsey
University of Connecticut
Payroll Department
P (860) 486-0958
F (860) 486-4296