PageUp: Transition and Training (From Daily Digest)

PageUp: Transition and Training

On December 2, Human Resources will transition from Recruiting Solutions and SPAR to PageUp People, a new recruitment and onboarding system. PageUp is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that will modernize UConn’s recruitment and onboarding capabilities.

Business Process

PageUp will impact the University’s current business processes by allowing for the creation and dissemination of online offer letters; integrating SPAR into PageUp; eliminating unclassified position management and the processing of faculty summer payroll within a recruitment system; using online applications for special payroll appointments, including adjunct faculty; maintaining a centrally-managed approval workflow; launching a central onboarding program for new employees; and integrating regular and special payroll SmartHR hire templates in Core-CT.


Human Resources has plans to transition both Recruiting Solutions and SPAR requisitions and transactions to PageUp.

For Recruiting Solutions, all open requisitions will be transitioned to Page Up regardless of the search status. Applicants who have applied to open searches will also be moved to Page Up and attached to the appropriate requisitions. Starting November 25th, Recruiting Solutions will not be available to users post PageUp go-live, but will be available to Human Resources. There will be no interruption to faculty applying to open searches through Academic Jobs Online; there will be a moratorium on applying for staff positions during the week of November 25th.

For SPAR, transactions processed prior to PageUp go-live will be closed-out in SPAR. SPAR will remain available to end-users post PageUp go-live. Beginning December 2nd, SPAR transactions will be submitted and processed through PageUp.

Training & Support

Human Resources will host training sessions for Regular and Special Payrolls through February. (Select “find more classes” at the bottom of the page to reveal all available training sessions.)

In addition, Human Resources will hold “open” lab sessions immediately after go-live and through December. Employees will be able to drop in without registration to receive assistance or to ask questions about an ongoing search or the system.

Human Resources will also provide online tutorials and job aids upon go-live. Employees may contact Human Resources directly by phone at 860-486-1753 or email with PageUp questions.

For more information, contact: Human Resources at