University Travel Program Update (From Daily Digest)

To UConn faculty, staff and employees:

We want to provide you with a further update on the changes occurring to the University’s Travel Program. You will recall we sent out a message in June announcing: 1) Key Travel will be our new travel management partner; 2) a Travel Card program will be established; 3) We will begin the use of Concur, a travel and expense management system.

Please note that this update is for the Storrs, Law and regional campuses only.

This past October 15, Key Travel, Travel Cards and Concur began being piloted with certain users.    The pilot group consists of the following departments: School of Business, Office of Admissions, Division of Athletics, Information Technology Services, and Departments of Statistics, History, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Full implementation of Key Travel, Travel Cards and Concur will occur across all UConn campuses and become effective for all employees on December 4.  Training materials, project communications, resources and answers to FAQs are available on the UConn Concur Project website.

As we transition, we want to remind everyone of important changes for your travel planning.   Pre-approval is now required for all international travel and for domestic travel that contains airfare, rail, hotel and/or car rentals.   This approval must be provided by an employee’s next level supervisor and fiscal officer within Concur.   Without pre-approval, travelers may not be reimbursed for their expenses.

Next level supervisors, (as defined by HR Core CT), can delegate only to those with similar supervisory status and defined as Approvers.   Fiscal officers are designated within their departments and associated with specific funding accounts.  These newer distinctions help ensure the traveler has the proper administrative approval, as well as the financial support to do so.

Finally, we thank all those who have put in the hard work and dedication with this important initiative.  Your assistance and contributions have helped transform our Travel Program. These advancements will help us reach our goals in the area of compliance, transparency and providing a more efficient and customer centric travel experience.    Please contact our Procurement Solutions Support Team at 860-486-2289 regarding any travel questions you may have.



Scott Jordan

Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer


John Elliott

Interim Provost

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