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July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022 Newsletter

Fiscal Reminders:

    • FY22 and FY23 are both open in KFS
      • In KFS 2023 should be the default FY
    • Reports
      • FY22 Department and Faculty Reports FY22 yearend reports will run on July 1st.  These will be the last report distribution for FY22
      • FY23 Department and Faculty Reports: GOAL: batch the FY23 Faculty Reports by Friday, July 15th
        • As we move through the first couple of weeks, the Business Office will prepare account budgets and update all accounts to reflect the starting FY23 balances
        • *IMPORTANT* FY23 Reports will include Fall GA encumbrance – the BO will manually load the encumbrance and communicate with Faculty
    • Start-Up Accounts
      • The BO will be working to establish all new faculty Start-Up accounts (if not completed already)
      • Reminder – Faculty (in most cases) will have three (3) 2-Ledger Start-Up Accounts:
        1. Faculty Summer salary
        2. GA’ Support
        3. Equipment/Discretionary
      • The BO will serve as FO on both the Faculty Summer Salary and GA support accounts
    • CAHNR Awards
      • For those who received CAHNR Awards, the BO will establish new 6L RFNDO accounts and will manage any Foundation Disbursements by the end of FY23
      • These accounts will have the award recipient listed as the ‘Account supervisor’, and will be included in their monthly account statements
    • FY22 Carry Forward
      • If your department is scheduled to receive any carry forward funding, the transfer of funds will not occur until after the FY22 hard close, which will likely be at the end of August
    • Federal Accounts (Smith Lever, SAES Capacity)
      • Beginning this month (July), the BO will begin its annual review and establishment of the FY23 Federal Accounts
      • This will be an ongoing process until the new Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) opens on 10/1/2022 (FFY23)
    • Effort Reporting
      • The BO manages all effort reports, please remember all Fall 2021 Effort Reports are due back to the BO by July 6th to allow for final submission of reports to SPS by July 20th
      • Please direct any effort questions to the BO ASAP


HR and Payroll Reminders:

  • Fall 2022 GA Smart-HR BO Deadline – Friday, July 1st
      • Attachments:
        • REQUIRED: Offer Letter (OL)
  • RECOMMENDED: Supplemental Description of Duties (SDD) * not required at time of submission, but will expedite the approval process (if not attached to Smart-HR email to Payroll GA coordinator)
      • Comments section: DEPT, Employee Name, Employee #, transaction description, and effective dates
      • University Deadline for Fall 2022 GA PA’s is Friday, July 15th
  • Fall 2022 Adjunct Smart-HR BO Deadline – Friday July 15th
      • Attachments:
        • REQUIRED: Offer Letter (OL)
      • Comments section: DEPT, Employee Name, Employee #, transaction description, and effective dates
      • University Deadline for Fall 2022 Adjunct PA’s is Friday, July 29th
      • Smart-HR Processing Schedule
        • UCPEA and Management/Confidential
          • The FY23 salary increases for UCPEA and Management/Confidential populations are being prepared and processed with an effective date of 7/1/2022
          • To accommodate these activities, until further notice please refrain from initiating Smart HR transactions for this population using effective dates of 7/2/2022 or later
          • The processing blackout is anticipated to run through mid-July
          • Additional correspondence will be sent when Smart HR processing for transactions dated 7/2/2022 and later may resume
          • Payroll will cancel transactions initiated and/or submitted during the blackout period. Processors will be notified of these cancellations and instructed to resubmit once the blackout has been lifted
  • PageUp Training Dates:
      • Regular Payroll
        • July 20, 2022 from 9 am to 12 pm (Register)
        • September 7, 2022 from 9 am to 12 pm (Register)
      • Special Payroll
        • July 21, 2022 from 10 am to 12 pm (Register)
        • September 8, 2022 from 10 am to 12 pm (Register)
  • Minimum Wage
      • The minimum hourly wage in Connecticut increases to $14.00/hr. July 1st
        • Payroll will increase the rates in CORE-CT for any students whose hourly rates are not at the minimum of their pay scale
          • This automatic update will occur during the 7/1/22-7/14/22 pay period
        • Payroll will not automatically increase the rates of those students whose minimum rates fall within their pay scale.  Each department will be responsible for submitting these increases

(Ex. If a student is currently at Class II with an hourly rate of $14.25, they would not receive an automatic increase, as the new minimum of Class II will be $14.15)

          • Review and identify student employees in this situation to minimize inequities
          • Once identified, a manual increase must be processed in CORE-CT using the Student Payroll Data/Pay Change template: (UC_TBH_DC_STUD_DAT)


OLD Pay Scale (August 1,2021-June 30,2022) Effective July 1, 2022
Class I – $13.00 Class I – $14.00
Class II – $13.15-$14.35 Class II – $14.15 – $15.35
Class III – $14.40 – $16.35 Class III – $15.40 – $17.35
Class IV -$16.40 – $31.70 Class IV – $17.40 – $32.70



  • NEW Graduate Employee Union (GEU) contract
      • Changes/updates to the GEU contract will go into effect: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2026
      • There will be a presentation on Wednesday, July 13th.  Please visit the attached email for more information and a link to register


Shout Out:


  • Welcome:
    • Sara Reichle – Admin Program Support 1 – ARE; Lena Knowles – Admin Program Support 3 – ARE
  • Farewells:
    • Retirements: Sheila Carroll – CAHNR BO; Lynn Zerba – Research Office; Kathy Wells – Academic Programs; Diane Labonia – Hartford EXT; Rachel Shore – Middlesex EXT
    • Good Luck: Laura Mlyniec-Beam – Academic Programs; Christina Tamburro – CAHNR BO; Anida Sundara – AHS; Nicole Jagielo – CAHNR BO

Special Payroll Processing Deadlines

Dear Colleagues:

We write to share the 2021-2022 Special Payroll processing deadlines and reminders about processing Special Payroll hire requests in PageUp.

Special Payroll Processing Deadlines
Due to the high volume of Special Payroll hire requests preceding academic semesters and intersessions, HR and Payroll provide processing deadline dates for PageUp and SmartHR. Special Payroll hire requests must be approved by HR in PageUp before departments may submit a SmartHR transaction, and it may take up to 4-6 weeks for a Special Payroll hire request to receive all required approvals. While HR and Payroll will make every effort to process in a timely manner, late submissions risk a delayed first paycheck for the employee. In addition, late submissions pose risk to the University if any employee begins working without a completed I-9 on file. Lastly, in compliance with state regulations, eligible employees (i.e., Adjunct Faculty) must make an irrevocable retirement election by the end of their first day of employment.

The tables outlining the 2021-2022 processing deadlines are available on the Special Payroll Information website. Please note that the PageUp submission deadlines for faculty during Winter and Summer Sessions are only applicable to 11-month Faculty, as these requests must be processed through PageUp. 9-month and 10-month Faculty appointments are submitted directly in SmartHR and do not require submission in PageUp.

10 Business Days
To ensure that employees complete all necessary tasks and are compliant with all terms and conditions of employment prior to their start date, the request to hire on Special Payroll must receive final approval from HR ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled start date. If the start date of the appointment is less than 10 business days from HR approval, HR will either update the request directly or return the request to the hiring department to make necessary changes and resubmit through the approval workflow. Requiring 10 business days provides adequate time for candidates to complete or comply with:

Monitoring Hire Requests
We encourage departments to monitor hire requests once approved by HR to ensure timely acceptance of offers and adequate time for the candidates to comply and complete the requirements listed above. When HR approves a hire request, please extend the online offer by updating the status in PageUp to “Make Online Offer” as soon as possible. Once extended, departments should continue to monitor when the candidate accepts an offer. Departments who do not extend the online offer and candidates who do not accept their offer in a timely manner risk not completing all terms and conditions of employment prior to the start date, which may require HR to revise the start date to a later date.

We appreciate your attention to these details in the Special Payroll hiring process, and we look forward to ensuring a smooth process for the upcoming year.

Please reach out to the Special Payroll team ( with questions.


Heather Souer and Hannah Traynor

Relaunch of Travel (From Daily Digest)

Relaunch of Travel

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to Travel!

The University of Connecticut recently lifted the restriction in place for Domestic Travel.

In anticipation of the increase in travel activity, we have put together aPowerPoint presentationwith some useful information and helpful tips as you navigate the process and get back into the loop of all things travel.

Please open the following link to the presentation for further information: Relaunch of Travel.

For more information, contact: UConn Travel Team at


Updated FY22 KFS Expense Object Code Description Guide (From Accounting)

Good Afternoon,

The KFS Expense Object Code Description Guide has been updated for FY22. All object code description guides can be found on the Accounting Office website:

If you have any questions about object codes, feel free to contact me using email or Teams.

Thank you,

KFS is now open for Fiscal Year 2022 Processing (From KFS)

KFS is now open for Fiscal Year 2022 Processing. Happy New Fiscal Year!

As you begin to look at balances on your accounts in KFS, please note the following:

1. Although Fiscal Year 2022 is the default on balance inquiries, you have the option to change the date to Fiscal Year 2021 by typing over 2022.

2. When looking at Fiscal Year 2021 balances on the “General Ledger Balance” inquiry, there is an additional period called “Year End.” This is where you will see any activity posted after June 30, 2021 that relates to Fiscal Year 2021. On the General Ledger Entry inquiry, you will see these transactions in Fiscal Period “13.”

3. Fiscal Year 2022 Budgets are loaded for all 2-ledger, 3-ledger, and Fiscal 4-ledger/6-ledger accounts. (Sub-funds OPTUI, OPOTF, OPAUX, RFNDO, RFNDA). Budgets for project accounts are scheduled to be updated overnight on July 1st as pending entries (see #4 below). Processing for all accounts should continue as necessary. 

4. KFS has the ability to show the prior year balances carried over into the new fiscal year. Ending balances from Fiscal Year 2021, which are scheduled to be loaded overnight on July 1st as pending entries, will be regularly updated into Fiscal Year 2022 until the final close in August.

5. Encumbrances:

a. New Fiscal Year 2022 external encumbrances (Purchase Orders) are in KFS.

b. Prior Year external encumbrances that are carried forward into Fiscal Year 2022 are also in KFS.

c. Fiscal Year 2022 payroll encumbrances will be posted the night of July 7, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Annette Pavone at

HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – New User Experience in HuskyBuy

Coming soon! New User Experience in HuskyBuy

We’re pleased to deliver a updated look to the HuskyBuy experience in the coming weeks. Beginning Friday 6/25, you will find an option in HuskyBuy to toggle and explore the new look and feel to Shopping, Requisitioning, Approving, and Invoicing, and provide feedback for a period of two weeks; on 7/26, the new experience will become standard for all users. During the trial period, job aids for the new look will be available alongside our library of legacy job aids until the permanent transition occurs in July. Please find links below related to how to activate/inactivate the New User Experience beginning 6/25, as well to review the updated job aids for a sneak peak of the upcoming changes. Please reach out to the Procurement Solutions Center with any questions. 

How to toggle the new experience during the opt-in period

HuskyBuy New User Experience Job Aids

Thank you,

The Procurement Solutions Center

Updated Post-Doc Offer Letter Template (from HR)

Dear Colleagues,

On April 28, 2021, the Connecticut General Assembly approved the collective bargaining agreement between the University and UAW Local 6950, covering Postdoctoral Research Associates.  The contract is available on the HR website.

Human Resources has updated the template offer letter to reflect required changes, based on the contract, and the template is available on HR’s Offer Letter page and within PageUp.

Additions to the letter include:

  • Contact information for the hiring department. Departments will need to input the appropriate name and contact information;
  • Funding source field titled Grant Funded (this field defaults to Yes but departments can update to No, as appropriate);
  • Links to the HR benefits website and the University’s non-discrimination policy;
  • Contact information for International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS);
  • A notification of the employee’s opportunity to develop and discuss an Individual Development Plan with their PI; and
  • A statement and link recognizing that the appointment is covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

Please begin using the updated offer letter immediately, and feel free to refer questions to


Thank you,
Human Resources

Minimum Wage to Increase on August 1st (from Student Employment)

In 2019, the Governor signed legislation that will gradually increase the minimum hourly wage in Connecticut to $15.00 per hour over the next several years. The next increase is scheduled for August 1st. The hourly rate for any student whose active payroll record is not at the minimum of the new pay class will be systematically increased. We encourage employers to review the hourly rates of those student employees whose rates will not be automatically increased to identify any inequities.  Any manual increases may be processed using the Student Payroll Data/Pay Change template (UC_TBH_DC_STUD_DAT) in CORE-CT.


Level of Job Current Effective Aug 1, 2021 Effective July 1, 2022 Effective June 1, 2023
Class I (trainee level)  








Class II (assistant level)  

$12.15 – $13.35


$13.15 – $14.35


$14.15 – $15.35


$15.15 – $16.35

Class III (specialist level  

$13.40 – $15.35


$14.40 – $16.35


$15.40 – $17.35


$16.40 – $18.35

Class IV (advanced level)  

$15.40 – $30.70


$16.40 – $31.70


$17.40 – $32.70


$18.40 – $33.70