May 2023 Newsletter

May 2023 Newsletter 


Fiscal Updates: 

 FY23 Fiscal Year End 

  • FY23 University Year-End Deadlines 
      • Payroll Funding Changes – Wed, May 24th 
      • Financial Processing (DI, GLT, TF, ST, BA, SSBA) – Wed, June 14th 
      • Foundation Reimbursement (RFD) – Wed, June 14th 
    • Foundation Reimbursement
      • Reconciliation process – the BO will be directly processing RFDs for the departments that have an arrangement with us 
      • For the departments that would like to utilize the BO for this process, please reach out to  

      Payroll Pre-encumbrances 

      • Summer 2023: May 1st Faculty report will reflect encumbrances for all summer payroll (faculty and graduate students) against Grant/Contract accounts.  This is applicable to any Payroll between 5/23/2023 – 8/22/2023  
      • FY24: for non-summer payroll’s with an end date in FY24, the Business Office will continue to pre-encumbering on Grant/Contract accounts 
      • For the following payroll types: Regular and Special Payroll appointments  

      Procurement Updates 

      • Reminder – after a PO has been established, the invoice referencing the PO # will need to be sent to for the payment request to be initiated 
      • FY24 Blanket Order (see attached email) 
      • Two items to remember when submitting you FY24 Blanket Orders: 
      • Accounting Date 
      • Reference to last year PO in the cart name 
      • For any Software renewals, please contact Elaine Dumas– even if you are not ready to submit the requisition into HuskyBuy  – her team assist in navigating with this process 


      HR (Human Resources) and Payroll Updates: 

      Fall 2023 Payroll Deadlines 

      • Fall Graduate Students 
        • Smart-HR Deadlines – SmartHR submitted to B.O. by Friday, June 30th  
        • Payroll Deadline – Friday, July 14th  
      • Adjunct Faculty 
        • PageUp Deadline 
          • Business Office Deadline: Wednesday, May 17th  
          • University Deadline: Friday, May 26th  
      • Smart-HR Deadline  
        • Business Office Deadline: Wednesday, July 19th 
        • University Deadline: Friday, July 28th  =

      Graduate Assistant Payroll 

        • Thursday, May 18th at 11am – Graduate Admissions Cycle 2022 – 2023 Debrief   
        • Thursday June 1st at 1pm – Preparing for Fall: Graduate Assistant Payroll Procedures 
      • NEW Graduate Employee Union (GEU) contract – IMPORTANT UPDATE: 
        • Continuing Fall Graduate Assistant Offer Letters need to be sent to students by June 1st   
        • Supplemental Description of Duties – Due at time of Entry into Smart-HR 


      Wage Increases   – effective June 1, 2023 

      • Adjunct Faculty (see attached email) 
        • Effective August 23, 2023, per AAUP Contract Article 19.7, the following updates will be in effect: 
          • Adjunct faculty per credit minimum rate is $1,973.  
          • Adjuncts who have worked more than four semesters of continuous employment must minimally earn the 2% increased per credit rate of $2,012.46. 
          • Adjuncts who have worked more than twelve semesters of continuous employment must minimally earn the 3% increased per credit rate of $2,032.19. 
        • The updated rates for adjunct faculty can be found on the Special Payroll Information webpage, in the Compensation section. Any adjunct faculty hire requests for the Fall 2023 semester that are submitted with the old rates will be updated by the Special Payroll team prior to approval of the hire request. 
      • Special Payroll and Student Employees 
        • Connecticut State Minimum Wage increases to $15 per hour  


      CAHNR Internal Professional Development Opportunities:  


      The CAHNR’s Dean’s Office is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and graduate students to expand their professional knowledge and skills. Throughout the year, the Dean’s Office will organize workshops and offer training, that will help the CAHNR community grow. Workshops and training will focus on fostering employee understanding and abilities in both hard and soft skills, such as in communication, HR/Payroll competency, and creativity.  

      As Professional Development Opportunities are finalized, they will be listed on our website here. Please be sure to check regularly for new learning opportunities and other about upcoming events.  

      • Business Office Open Hour  
        • Thursday, May 18thfrom 12:00PM – 1:00PM, Young 209 with a virtual option   
        • In May the Business Office will host “Office Hours” 
        • This hour will be left open and available for any topic and/or questions. 
        • Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions about the upcoming session, or if you have anything you would like to know more about  


      Shout Out: 

      •  Welcome 
        • Matilda “Tilly” Murray, Administrative Program Support 3, PSLA