March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023 Newsletter 

Fiscal Updates: 

  • 2023 Faculty Summer  
    • The Business Office will be processing summer faculty salary against any grant/contract, start-up, and/or any other salary commitments from the Dean’s Office 
      • Departments will continue to be responsible for processing non-grant summer payrolls 
      • This process will begin in early March and continue through April 12th, which is the B.O. Deadline for Summer Payroll with an effective date of 5/23/2023 
    • 9- & 10-month appointments 
      • It is our understanding at this point that OVPR will continue to fund one week of summer for 9- and 10-month faculty who are supported 100% by Sponsored Projects 
    • 11-month appointments 
      • The B.O will work with faculty to process the summer hire 
      • This will include the PageUp Request, Dual Employment form, and the Smart-HR Transaction  
    • Summer Pre-encumbrances: Similar to Fall and Spring GA pre-encumbrance, the B.O. will be pre-encumbering salary and fringe for FY24 (starting 6/16/23 onwards) for the following payroll types:  
      • Summer Grads, Faculty Summer, and other Special Payroll appointments on grant accounts 


HR (Human Resources) and Payroll Updates: 

  • Graduate Assistant Payroll  
    • Graduate School Timely Topics – See the attachment for the Spring 2023 Topics  
      • Thursday, March 2 at 1pm – Neurodiversity and the Advisor/Advisee Relationship 
      • Thursday, March 9 at 11am – Supervising Graduate Assistants 
      • Thursday, April 13 at 1pm – Workflow and Tools When Recruiting & Hiring GAs for Non-Academic units 
    • NEW Graduate Employee Union (GEU) contract  
      • Changes/updates to the GEU contract took effect: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2026 
      • IMPORTANT UPDATE: Grads continuing into next AY – need to be notified by June 1st (previous years were due by June 15th) 
    • Summer Graduate Page Up and CORE Smart-HR Payroll Deadlines  
      • For those looking to compensate or hire any graduate student over the summer (5/23-8/22) please make note of the following processing deadlines  
        • Offers submitted in Page Up, need to be completed by Friday, March 3rd for timely approval by the B.O.  
        • Smart-HR Transactions in CORE need to be completed by Wednesday, April 12th for timely approval by the B.O.   
      • The B.O. cannot guarantee timely review and approval for May 23rd hires that have not been submitted by April 12th in CORE. Submission of transactions after this deadline may result in a delayed first payment 
  • Wage Increases  
    • Connecticut State Minimum Wage increases to $15 per hour – Effective June 1, 2023
      • This impacts all employees including Special Payroll and Student Workers
    • Post-Doctoral Fellow Stipends – NIH Increased minimums (see attached email) 
      • New minimums effective for new or continuing – Effective February 3, 2023 
  • PageUp Trainings   
    • Regular Payroll   
      • March 6th at 9am to 12 noon (Register)   
      • April 19th at 9am to 12 noon (Register 
    • Special Payroll   


CAHNR Internal Professional Development Opportunities:   

The CAHNR’s Dean’s Office is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and graduate students to expand their professional knowledge and skills. Throughout the year, the Dean’s Office will organize workshops and offer training, that will help the CAHNR community grow. Workshops and training will focus on fostering employee understanding and abilities in both hard and soft skills, such as in communication, HR/Payroll competency, and creativity. 

As Professional Development Opportunities are finalized, they will be listed on our website here. Please be sure to check regularly for new learning opportunities and other about upcoming events. 


  • Business Office Open Hour 
    • Due to feedback recently received at the last CAHNR Admin Meeting we will be moving this meeting from the 3rd Wednesday of every month, to the 3rd Thursday of every month from 12:00PM – 1:00PM.  The goal will remain where these sessions are offered in person with a virtual option.   
    • Thursday, March 16thfrom 12:00PM – 1:00PM, Young 209 with a virtual option  
      • Please note the day has changed from Wednesday to Thursday due to the CAHNR Department Budget Hearing Schedule 
      • In March, we will discuss:   
        • Fiscal Year End Prep 
        • Weekly reports and how to read them 
        • What we expect 
        • What to expect from us 
      • Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions about the upcoming session, or if you have anything you would like to know more about 
  • Purchasing Training 
    • Wednesday, March 29th from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  
    • CLAS, CAHNR, and Neag are joining forces to offer a combined Purchasing and Husky Buy Overview Training Opportunity 
      • If you would like to attend this training session, please email the CAHNR Business Office:  
  • Staff Advisory Council Presents: Professional Development Session on Ignite Your Creativity 
    • Wednesday, April 26th from 2:30PM to 1:00 PM, IPB 317 
    • Dr. Nora Madjar from the School of Business will be a guest speaker  
    • Please see the attached email for more information. 
    • Be sure to RSVP by April 7th  

Shout Out: 

  • Welcome 
    • Alison St. Pierre, Administrative Program Support 1, ARE