January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter 

Welcome to 2023!  

2022 brought many changes.  We said farewell to several colleagues and welcomed new ones.  As the CAHNR community continues to evolve and grow, I am looking forward to working with all of you in 2023.     

Happy New Year! 

Fiscal Updates: 

  • Department 4-L Revenue Accounts 
    • To prepare for FY23 year end, the Business Office will be adjusting the balances on all department 4-L revenue-based accounts to reflect actual revenue received to date vs. projected annual revenue  
    • Budgets will be adjusted on a weekly basis to reflect any additional revenue received 
    • This process will occur in January.  Therefore, when you view available balances in KFS (Kuali Financial System) they will be reflective of actual available funding. 
    • This will also reflect in the monthly reports that will batch on February 1st  
  • Spring Payroll Pre-Encumbrance   
    • Similar to the Fall Grad pre-encumbrance load, the B.O. will be pre-encumbering PA’s that cross into the 2023 calendar year for the following payroll types:  
      • Adjunct on 2Ls  
      • Grads – all accounts  
      • Post-doc – grant accounts  
      • Special Payroll and regular payroll on grant accounts that crosses fiscal years 


HR and Payroll Updates: 

  • Regular Payroll Continuation Letters 
    • Effective January 1, 2023, all Regular Payroll Continuation Letters must contain an annual salary 
    • Offer Letter Templates for Articles 13, 24, 26 (NTT positions) are available 
  • Grad Payroll 
    • To expand the options available to departments to distribute and manage Supplemental Description of Duties forms each semester, we are exploring an online version of the Supplemental Description of Duties form through Kuali Build that could be used by all departments. Paper forms or department-specific templates could still be used—this would just be one more option available to you. 
    • See attached email for additional information from Megan Petsa (email dated 12/9/2022) 
  • PageUp Updates 
    • Email from Provost About new PageUp request 
      • The Provost’s Office has recently announced a process change related to certain professional staff and special payroll hires.  This change is to align with other university divisions that require review and approval from the President’s Personnel Miscellaneous Review Committee (PMRC).  
      • The following transactions will require a justification for additional review and approval:                  
        • Special Payroll – ‘NEW’ Administrative Titles 
          • An administrative position that is not considered a continuation of a previous appointment  
          • An administrative appointment that is not entirely funded through sponsored research  
        • UCPEA – ‘NEW’ position 
          • A position that is not refilling a vacancy 
            • Please work with Alicia Huckle in the B.O on appropriate justification 
          • A position that is not entirely funded through sponsored research 
  • PageUp Trainings  
    • Regular Payroll  
      • January 24, 2023 from 9am to 12pm (Register) 
    • Special Payroll  


CAHNR Internal Professional Development Opportunities:  

The CAHNR’s Dean’s Office is committed to providing opportunities for faculty, staff, and graduate students to expand their professional knowledge and skills. Throughout the year, the Dean’s Office will organize workshops and trainings that help the CAHNR community grow their understanding and abilities of both hard and soft skills, such as communications, HR/payroll, and creativity.   

Professional development opportunities will be listed on this site as they are finalized. Check back regularly to learn about upcoming events.   

Additional training opportunities can be found: https://cahnr.uconn.edu/faculty-and-staff-resources/professional-development/   


  • Business Office Open Hour  
    • Wednesday, January 18th from 12:00PM – 1:00PM, Young 209 w/ Virtual option  
    • The Business Office will be hosting another open hour.  Tentative topics will include:   
      • Get to know the Business Office Staff 
      • When to contact the Business Office 
    • Our goal is to have open hours on the 3rd Wednesday of every month moving forward 
    • If you would like to attend, please email the CAHNRBO and we will add your name to the invite  
    • For recommendations on future topics, please submit suggestion to the CAHNRBO or use our anonymous form (https://businessoffice.cahnr.uconn.edu/admin-meeting-questions-2/) 
  • COMING SOON –Foundation FELIX Training 
    • TBD 
    • The Business Office will once again coordinate training with UConn Foundation to demonstrate the Foundation Felix system.   
      • This system provides helpful account information about the fund, any restrictions, real time balance, etc.  

Shout Out: 

  • Welcome:  
    • Amanda Masztal, Administrative Program Support 3, CAHNR BO – HR/Payroll 
    • Eileen Underwood, Administrative Program Support 2, Academic Programs