HUSKYBUY BROADCAST – Commodity Code Updates! (from UBS)

Commodity Code Updates!

To better serve the University community, University Business Services has created new Commodity Codes in the HuskyBuy system. Historically, the Professional Services (306) and Consulting Services (132 and 133) commodity codes have been used for commodity groupings that we discovered warranted their own designated commodity codes. The new codes are as follows:

4 Audio Recording Services
158 License Agreements (Non-IT)
171 Security Personnel and/or Staffing
242 Editorial/Editing Services
243 Document Preparation and Records Management
244 Shredding Services
245 Survey Services
288 Equipment Loan – Lab & Classroom related
303 Insurance
304 Affiliation Agreements (Medical)
305 Legal Services
308 HR related Professional Services (including exec. search svcs., EAP, etc)
328 Space Rentals (rooms, office space, etc.)
329 Building Leases
377 Music Compositions

An updated commodity code list is available on the UBS website at: For any inquiries, questions or guidance, please contact the appropriate buying team.  

Thank you