Concur Student Travel – Fiscal Officer Training Opportunity (From Travel)

Dear Colleagues,

Starting October 1, Concur will become our system for managing student travel and expense reporting. As communicated on September 14, the fiscal officer role in reviewing and approving student travel will be fundamentally unchanged by the Concur implementation. As a fiscal officer you will determine the appropriateness and budgetary capacity for applicable student pre-travel requests and will be responsible for review and approval of post-travel expense reports.

Student travel involves tax considerations specific to the student, and may be taxable to the student in certain circumstances. When travel will be conducted by a nonresident alien student, a Concur approver must complete a “Business Expense Certification” field in the travel request. Concur will prompt the approver to complete this field when required.

Fiscal officers with responsibility for reviewing and approving student travel in Concur are encouraged to attend a training session conducted by the Tax & Compliance Office. This training session will discuss the tax considerations of student travel as well as the “Business Expense Certification” field in Concur.

Concur Student Travel – Tax considerations and Business Expense Certification field guidance


The UConn Travel Team