Fiscal Year-end (from UConn Foundation)

Attachment: Fiscal Year-end memo

Now that we have moved into July the end of the fiscal year is coming fast. I’m forwarding the attached memo regarding year-end processing for Foundation gifts and disbursements.
Please contact Ed Liedke with disbursement questions or Bonnie Burleigh for gift questions. Our e-mails are and
Reimbursement Type Reminder: When creating an RFD for submission, University users should select between two options for reimbursement type:
If the payee is UConn or UConn Health, the reimbursement type must be University reimbursement
If the payee is any vendor who is not one of the above, the reimbursement type must be University Direct Pay
I hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend!

Edward Liedke
Director of Fund Administration And Disbursements
Phone: 860-486-2006
2390 Alumni Dr. U-3206
Storrs, CT 06269