Reminder: Coding Expenses Associated with Coronavirus; IAA document (From Accounting)

Attachment: Coding Expenses Associated with Coronavirus_3.13.2020

Sent on behalf of Trish Casey, Associate Vice President of Financial Operations and Controller:

As a reminder, expenses relating to the Coronavirus should be coded using Project Code COVID19. Please see the attached document for more details.

For transactions that have already posted to the general ledger that should have had the COVID19 project code, please submit an Intra-Account Adjustment (IAA) eDoc in KFS.

Instructions on how to complete an IAA:

On the IAA eDoc, the FROM side of the transaction represents how an expense is currently recorded; the TO side of the transaction will include the Project Code COVID19.

For negative expenses (credits), the TO and FROM sides should be reversed.

The Reference Number should be the eDoc number of the existing transaction.

For questions on completing the IAA, please contact Annette Pavone (


Thank you,

Annette Pavone, CPA
Accounting Manager, Inventory Control & Capitalization
Accounting Office
University of Connecticut
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