Month: February 2020

WebFOCUS Standard Report Update (From KFDM Listserv)

On behalf of the Office of Budget and Planning,

WebFOCUS Standard Report Update

In an effort to enhance and consolidate university financial reporting, we have made some updates to the General Ledger Reports in the Standard Reports domain in WebFOCUS.  Two new reports will be published and old reports will be moved to a folder called “Archived Reports”.  These reports will still be available for use but will no longer be updated or supported.  In addition to these major changes, a few minor updates to the remaining reports will follow (as noted below). This effort will reduce the number of reports from 17 down to 7, once complete. We hope that you find these updates useful and we ask that you please let us know if you run into any issues.


  • Consistency in what is included and how
  • Improved naming to make it clear as to what data is delivered
  • Limit the number of reports by increasing their efficiency
  • Better customization by adding more prompt options and increasing the number of fields in excel versions.

Updated Report List

Report Enhancements Report it Replaced
Budget to Actuals New– Combined 6 reports into 1 Account Balances, Account Balances by object Code, Account Balances Summary, Statement of Activity –(Budget to Actuals, Budget to Actuals by Account, Budget to Actuals with Prior Year)
Summary of Actuals by Fund Source New– Combined 2 reports into 1 Statement of Activity – (Statement, Summary)
Account Information Combined with Accounts by Organization Accounts by Organization
Account Transactions Made minor updates to excel output to include more fields None
Budget Balances by Account Will be combined with Budget Balances by Object None
Budget Balances by Object Will be combined with Budget Balances by Account None
Carry Forward Report Minor enhancements coming soon None
Fund Balance Report Minor enhancements coming soon None

In addition to the reports that are being replaced, reports that are either not widely used or no longer useful due to system and process changes will also be moved to the Archived Reports folder.

Archived Reports

Reports Report It Was Replaced By
Account Balances Budget to Actuals
Account Balances by Object Code Budget to Actuals
Account Balances Summary Budget to Actuals
Accounts by Organization Account Information
Base Budget vs. Committed Salaries None
One to Many Fund Balances None
Statement of Activity Budget to Actuals Budget to Actuals
Statement of Activity Budget to Actuals by Account Budget to Actuals
Statement of Activity Budget to Actuals with Prior Year Budget to Actuals
Statement of Activity Summary Summary of Actuals by Fund Source
Statement of Activity Statement Summary of Actuals by Fund Source

If you have any questions regarding the report changes, please contact your assigned Budget Analyst.

From: KFDM, Kuali Financial Data Mart <KFDM-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU> On Behalf Of Hodgkins, Stephen
Sent: Thursday, February 6, 2020 10:27 AM
Subject: WebFOCUS Standard Report Changes

Concur Travel and Expense Support Opportunities (From Daily Digest)

Concur Travel and Expense Training Opportunities

Whether you have been using Concur since October or you are going live later this year, in-person training is available for all Employees, Grad Assistants, Grad Interns, and Post-Docs. Please visit the Travel and Expense Project Page or the Professional Development Training Page directly to register for a session(s) most applicable to you.  Training options are outlined below.

Concur Travel and Expense Open Labs

If you are already using Concur as an early-adopter, we have additional opportunities for you to receive in-person support.  If you need assistance with requesting, booking, or expensing travel, please stop by one of our Open Labs, located in Wilbur Cross Training Room B on:

  • Mondays from 1:00pm – 3:30pm
  • Thursdays from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Concur Travel and Expense Reference Material

As always, training documentation and e-learning modules are always available by visiting the Travel and Expense Project Page directly.

Class Title


Training Length

Concur Preparer Delegate Training This session is recommended for employees, who will be delegated to assist with the preparation of travel requests and/or expense reports, on behalf of another UConn End User (traveler). This training encapsulates the entirety of all concur training sessions. You do not need to attend the other trainings in addition to this.

3 Hours

Concur Request and Travel Training for End Users This session is recommended for employees  traveling on behalf of UConn.

1.5 Hours

Concur Expense End User Training This session is recommended for employees seeking reimbursement for UConn travel and/or non-travel related business expenses.

1.5 Hours

Concur Approver Training This session is recommended for employees approving travel requests and/or travel and non-travel expense reports at UConn. Approvers in Concur are defined as those whom have direct reports in CORE CT and/or those listed as a Fiscal Officer in KFS.

1 Hour

For more information, contact: Travel at

February Reminders and Tips from AR (From Daily Digest)

Do you/your department invoice for goods and/or services?  If so, The Accounts Receivable (AR) in the Bursar’s Office is offering assistance and trainings!

Our office handles all non-student receivables: monitoring invoices, payments, and customers in KFS; sending accounts to third party collection agencies and for DAS tax offset; conducting AR KFS trainings; creating invoices in CORE for other State of CT agencies; facilitating invoices with UConn Health; and so much more.

Trainings are currently available for:

  • Invoicing (including UConn Health)
  • Credit memos
  • Creating customers
  • Collecting on past-due accounts

For more information, contact Dan Lis, (Accounts Receivable Supervisor) and Angela Piela (Administrative Services Specialist 2) at, or call 860-486-5995 (6-5995 on campus).

For more information, contact: Accounts Receivable at


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