Criminal Background Check and Special Payroll Updates (From HR)

From: Special Payroll Information <SPECIAL_PAYROLL-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU> On Behalf Of HR – Communications
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 11:18 AM
Subject: Criminal Background Check and Special Payroll Updates

Dear Colleagues,

We write to share updates on the criminal background check process and PageUp Special Payroll submissions.

Criminal Background Checks

With the implementation of PageUp, Human Resources has moved to an online background check process. Upon the acceptance of a Regular or Special Payroll job offer through PageUp, the Criminal Background Check (CBC) Team will determine the necessity of a background check. If needed, new hires will receive an automated e-mail from Swift Hire via This e-mail will provide new hires with instructions to start the online background check process. All hires through PageUp will use Swift Hire, and Human Resources will not accept paper forms for these hires.

Human Resources will continue to use paper forms for gratis/volunteer appointments, Minor Protection Programs, and 4H/NRCA Programs. Human Resources will communicate further if these programs move to Swift Hire.

Please contact the CBC Team via or 860-486-3034 with questions.

Special Payroll

There are several updates and recommendations about the Special Payroll process in PageUp:

  • HR has updated adjunct offer letter templates to include course information (Course Name & Number); please enter this information in appropriate offer letters.
  • PageUp now includes two new fields: (1) a KFS dropdown for criminal background checks and (2) a yes or no question about whether a retiree’s compensation is grant funded.
  • Before saving a request, remember to complete all system required fields to ensure that the document saves properly. Saved requests missing system required fields will not save properly.
  • Always include weekly hours in the “Compensation and Anticipated Hours” section to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • For data changes, ensure that “yes” is selected for “Is this request a data change where the appointment already exists in Core-CT?” and select the Special Payroll Data Change Only onboarding form.
  • Please use the appropriate template (if the appropriate template is not available, please contact Payroll):
    • UC_PG_SPNT (Special Payroll Time Reporter Hire PageUp);
    • UC_PG_SPNTS (Special Payroll Non-Teaching Stipend Hire PageUp);
    • UC_PG_SPT (Special Payroll Teaching Hire PageUp).
  • To help identify which special payroll search to use:
    • First, identify the special payroll title for the appointment.
    • If it’s teaching (Adjunct Faculty or Special Payroll Lecturer), use your special payroll search called “DEPARTMENT Special Payroll Teaching Position”
    • If it’s instructional support (Instructional Specialist, Academic Technician, Academic Specialist, etc.), use the special payroll search called “DEPARTMENT Special Payroll Instructional Support position”
    • If you are hiring a graduate assistant in one of the graduate special payroll titles (Graduate Instructional Specialist, Graduate Overload, Graduate Student Technician, Graduate Special Payroll Lecturer, etc.), use the special payroll search titled “DEPARTMENT Special Payroll Graduate Position”
    • For all other titles, such as Temporary University Specialist, Project/Program Specialist, Public Service Technician, Research Specialist, Research Technician, etc. use “DEPARTMENT Special Payroll Position”

To ensure that hiring departments issue the most up-to-date offer letters to new hires, please merge offer letters within PageUp. HR encourages hiring departments to closely review merged documents for completeness and accuracy. HR reviews all offer letters and out-of-date, incomplete, or incorrect offer letters require significant time to revise causing processing delays.

As a reminder HR will hold an open lab session on Wednesday, January 15th, from 1:30 – 3:30 in Chaplin Training Room on the Depot Campus. No sign up is required.

To sign up for PageUp training, please visit Learning@Work:

Please contact Workforce Solutions via with questions.