Updated Fringe Benefit Rates (From Univ Research Adm Forum Listserv)

Dear Colleagues,

As announced by the President, new FY20 fringe rates (as a result of funding applied by UConn) have been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services although we do not yet have an updated signed rate agreement. The rates for FY20 and for proposal budgeting on the Office of the Vice President for Research Sponsored Program Services (SPS) website will be updated soon in accordance with this announcement. The Pre-Award Team will accept the old fringe rates on budgets that have already been submitted to SPS, all future budgets should use the new rates. If you would like to update a budget for a proposal that has already been submitted to Pre-Award but not yet submitted to the sponsor, please contact your Grant and Contract Specialist.

Additionally, please note that the required budget justification language regarding fringe benefits has been updated to the following:

“The fringe benefit rates used in the proposal budget are based on the rates approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. An estimated cost escalation has been included in the out years per University budgeting guidance.”


FY21 FY22 FY23 FY24 FY25
Faculty 43.0% 45.0% 46.0% 47.0% 48.0%
Professional/Classified 43.0% 48.1% 49.0% 50.0% 51.0%
Special Payroll 19.5% 21.9% 22.5% 23% 23.5%
Post Docs 15.5% 15.8% 16.3% 16.8% 17.3%
Graduate Assistant, Academic Yr 15.5% 15.8% 16.3% 16.8% 17.3%
Student Labor 2.4% 2.6% 3.0% 3.0% 3.0%


FY22 – FY25 rates shown are projected estimates for budgeting purposes only.

FY25 rates should remain flat for FY25 and later for budgeting purposes only.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 My proposal has already been submitted, will my project get to use these rates if funded?

Yes, in accordance with our standard process, the actual rate charged to your award will always be in accordance with the actual federally approved rate in place at the time of the charge, even if this varies from what was included in your proposal.


My proposal is due today and I don’t have time to update the budget, what does this mean?

If your proposal has already been submitted to SPS, you are not required to update your budget. If funded, you still receive the benefit of the FY21 rates (see previous response).


Will my current award be able to use the new rates?

Yes, your project will automatically use the FY21 rates.


My current award ends before July 1, 2020, will I get to use these rates?

No, the new rates are effective July 1, 2020 and only salary transactions that occur during FY21 will utilize the rates announced by the President.


Laura B. Kozma

Executive Director, Sponsored Program Services and Faculty Services


Office of the Vice President for Research

Sponsored Program Services

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PHONE 860.486.3798



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